1. Can I use ANY stock assembly with the tactical stock adapter?

    Yes.  You can use any fixed stock, collapsible stock, folding stock etc.  If it fits on AR-15 / M16 / M4 rifles it will work with the tactical stock adapter. NFA rules apply when adding a stock to a handgun. Reference: ATF Form 1.

  2. What are all the parts I need in order to use the tactical stock adapter?

    1) Buffer tube (also known as a "receiver extension")
    2) The shoulder stock of your choice
    3) Anti-rotational receiver plate (should be included when you buy most stock assemblies)
    4) Castle nut (should be included when you buy most stock assemblies)

    ENDO Tactical - What parts you need

  3. Do I need to insert the buffer spring and the buffer weight inside the receiver extension (buffer tube) before I attach it to the tactical stock adapter?

    No.  Neither will be useful in this instance.

  4. What tools do I need in order to install a tactical stock adapter?

    None, but you may want to use a special AR-15 / M16 / M4 stock wrench to snug the castle nut up against the reciever plate, which holds your buffer tube secure.  The castle nut does not need to be very tight so a good hand tightening should work fine. A dot of blue loctite will stop the castle nut from coming loose if the issue ever arises.

  5. Can my compensated (C), long (L), or Rough Textured Frame (RTF) version Glock be used with the tactical stock adapter?

    Yes, it will work with models G17C, G17L, G20C, G21C, G21L, G22C, G24C, and G31C and RTF versions, because the frame is the same size.

  6. Will it fit the new Gen4 Glocks?


  7. Will it fit SF (Slim Frame) Glocks?


  8. Does ENDO ship outside of the USA?



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